lordess Kamakshi devi

Kamakshi devi is the consort of Lord Ekamreswara swami. Sati devi eyes/ back part fell here.
kanchipurashrite devi kamakshi sarvamangala
chintatanmatra santushta chintitartha phalaprada
In Shakti Kanchi, there are two Kamakshi temples. One is old and another one is new. The old temple, Adi peetha Parameswari temple present near Kanchi kamakoti peeth. Some people consider that this is the original temple of Kamakshi mata. The new temple, which is famous temple of Kanchi kamakshi mata is also present near old temple. This is a big temple complex. Kamakshi mata present here in the form of Lalita devi. Previously Kamakashi mata present in hard form, but Jagadguru Adishankaracharya established Srichakra and cooled her, and started Goddess Lalita worship. A Kamakoti bila (cave) present in the sanctum sanctorum. The entrance present behind the goddess idol. A pushkarini (holy lake) present back to sanctum sanctorum. One day Lord Shiva enterd unexpectedly into Maa Parvati's place. At that time some yoginis were present without dress.

Maa Parvathi close the three eyes of Lord Shiva immediately without any thought. But as Lord Shiva's eyes resemble Sun, Moon, and fire, the world became dark completely because of Maa Parvathis action. Goddess Parvathi also became dark. She surprised and asked Lord Shiva how this happened? and how to remove her dark color complexion? Lord shiva explained the reason and advised her to do penance to get rid off the sin that was generated by her action.
Maa parvathi accepted and came to earth as Katyayini (Daughter of Katyayana maharshi) and went to Varanasi and became as Annapurna and did annadana and changed her dark coplexion into golden comnplexion. After that she came to Kanchi and did penance for Lord shiva. She did penance with pancha bana mantra beneath a mango tree. Lord Shiva suffered with this penance and send Ganga mata to test her devotion. Ganga mata came aggressively to destroy Maa Parvthi puja. But Maa parvathi stopped and caught Ganga in a holy Kapala, along with Ganga Lord shiva also caught in that holy Kapala. Lord Shiva became angry and increased water flow tremendously, Maa Parvathi afraid and praised Maha vishnu for advise. He advised to completely surrender to Lord Shiva and this is the only solution in this critical situation. Maa parvathi praised lord Shiva and hugged Shiva linga and completely surrendered to Lord Shiva. Today also we can see some marks of Parvathi mata jewels on Ekamreshwara Shiva linga. A manog tree also present in Ekamreshwar temple. Lord Shiva accepted her devotion and married her again on request of Pramatha ganas. Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Katyayana maharshi conducted the Shiva paravtahi kalyanam. At that time Maa Parvathi fulfilled all her devotees desires with her looks. hence the name Kamakshi mata.