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Abodes of Navagraha

Budhan (Mercury)

Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun. Mercury according to vedic astrology is called Budhan.   It has nine rays. He takes one month to go from one Rasi to another. He commands over the Stars Ayilyam, Kettai and Revathi. He is the commander for the Number 5 in astrology i.e., the persons having date in the date of birth as 5,14,23. He is of Golden color with four hands. In the Navagraha mandal he is in the North-East direction to Sun facing West.

He was born to Chandran and Tara, wife Bruhaspathi (Guru of Demigods). Once when Chandran performed the yagna called "Raaja Sooja Yagna", everyone including Tara were present. On seeing the beauty of  Chandran, she lived with him. As Devaguru's wife and  Chandran became inseparable, Bruhaspathi started a war called "Tharagamayam" with Chandran for want of his wife. Lord Bramha intervened and asked Chandran to give back Bruhaspathi's wife. Thara became pregnant and Bruhaspathi claimed that the child is his. But Thara intervened and said that the child belongs to Chandran. That child was handed over to Chandran and was brought up by Rohini and Krithikai. Lord Bramha on seeing the brilliance and intelligence of that child named that child as "Budhan".  On knowing about his birth, he was very much ashamed and wanted to have the remedy for the fault for his father. So he went to Saravanavanam in the Himalayas and did a penance on Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu appeared before him and gave a boon that he will be well versed in Vedhas and Arts.

King Innian, son of Mannu, once went for hunting to Himalayas. When he and his horse had a bath in a pond there, they became female. Budhan on knowing this approached Innian and married him. They both gave birth to Parooravas. When Saint Vasishtar came in search for King Innian found him in the Ashram of Budhan and asked him to penance on Lord Shiva to get back his true form. Lord Shiva appeared before him and offered him that he will be as male for one year and another year as female. So King Innian took his son Parooravas also with him to his kingdom. Saint Vasishtar also advised Budhan to go to Thiruvengadu in Chola Dynasty and penance on Lord Shiva there. According the Budhan went there and Lord Shiva appeared before him and granted him the Graha status and wiped off the shameness on the birth of him.

Mercury rules over two signs of the sidereal zodiac, Gemini and Virgo. He is exalted in Virgo at 15 degrees, and in his fall in the opposite sign of Pisces. Where the Moon is the innocent mind, Mercury is the intellect that discriminates between benefic and malefic ideas, or good and evil. He is the indicator of intelligence, commerce, education, communication writing, books, humor, scholars, thieves and astrologers.

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Chola Naadu Swedharanyeswarar Temple Thiruvengadu
Thondai Naadu Thirumeneeswarar Temple Kovur
  Kachinerikaaraikaadu Thirukkaalimedu (Kanchipuram)
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1. Rasi Gemini (Midhunam) / Leo (Kanni)
2. Direction North
3. Color Green
4. Grains Green Gram
5. Vehicle Horse, Jackal
6. Flower White Kanthal
7. Gems Emerald
8. Offerings Wheat Rice, Rava Sweet Pongal
9. Samith Naayuruvi
10. Alloy Copper
11. Adhi Devatha Vishnu
12. Prathya Devatha Narayanan
13. Auspicious Day Wednesday
14. Sex Ali
15. Caste Vaisiyam
16. Dress Emerald Green Dress
17. Doopa Deepam Camphor
18. Pancha Bootham Wind
19. Taste  High Salty(Uvarppu)
20. Friend Rasi Taurus, Leo, Libra
21. Alien Rasi Cancer, Scorpio
22. Parts of Body Neck
23. Amsa Athipathi Education
24. Thisai Duration 17 years