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Abodes of Navagraha

Chevvai (Mars)


Mars (Chevvai) is the hottest planet in  the Universe.  He is the commander for the Number 9 in astrology i.e., the persons having date in the date of birth as 9,18,27. According to the legend, after the Lordess Dhakshayini's body was tored in pieces by the Disc of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva became calm and went into meditation at Mount Kailash until Lordess Parvathi comes to Mount Kailash. While Lord Shiva was in meditation as water dew from Third eye on His Forehead fell on the Earth. Lordess Earth (Boomadevi) held that water dew and that dew was born as male child called Angaragan. The other names are Chevvai, Bhowman, Kujan and Bhoomikaragan. Angaragan was brought up first by Lordess Boomadevi and then by Saint Bharathwaja. So Angaragan belongs to Bharathwaja Kothram. As he was red in color, he was called as Chevvai. His friends are Sun and Chandran.  As he was born to Lord Shiva before the birth of Lord Muruga, Angaragan was of Lord Muruga's  amsam. As he is a subha graha, he is called as "Mangalan". He takes 45 days to move from on Rasi (Zodiac) to another. He has two beautiful wives Malini and Suseelani. In Horoscope, when Mars is in 2nd,4th,7th,8th, or 12th position from Moon (Chandran) then that horoscope is considered to have "Chevvai Dhosha". The auspicious day for him is "Tuesday". In Tamil Nadu the worship of Angaragan is auspicious in these following temples. a) Palani, b) Thirusirukudi  and c) Vaideeswaran Koil. In the North India, Ujjain is the auspicious worship place for Angaragan.

Temple Index

Chola Naadu Vaideeswaran Koil Mayavaram
Pandiya Naadu Kailasanadhar Temple Kodaganallur
Thondai Naadu Vaideeswaran Koil Poonamallee
  Agastheeswarar Temple Villivakkam
Vada Naadu    


1. Rasi Aries (Mesham) / Scorpio (Vrutchagam)
2. Direction South
3. Color Red
4. Grains Thuvar Dhal
5. Vehicle Swan, Cock
6. Flower Senbagam, Red Aralli
7. Gems Coral
8. Offerings Thuvar Dhal Powder  with Rice
9. Samith Karunkalli
10. Alloy Brass (Chembu)
11. Adhi Devatha Lord Muruga
12. Prathya Devatha Shethra Balagar
13. Auspicious Day Tuesday
14. Sex Male
15. Caste Shaktriya
16. Dress Coral Red Dress
17. Doopa Deepam Kungiliyam
18. Pancha Bootham Earth
19. Taste  (Erippu, Uraippu)
20. Friend Rasi Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces
21. Alien Rasi Gemini, Virgo
22. Parts of Body Hand, Shoulder
23. Amsa Athipathi Brother
24. Thisai Duration 7 years