lordess sakthi




Goddess Kamala or Kamalathika, is situated at the tenth place in ten colleges and is a symbol of divinity like Kamal or Padma floral. Goddess Kamala, also known as Tantric Lakshmi , is related to prosperity, happiness, prosperity, good fortune and dynasty of Goddess. Goddess Kamala is situated at the last place in the category of ten colleges . Goddess is associated with Sattva, goddess of wealth and good fortune. Cleanliness, purity, Nirmalata are very dear to Goddess and Goddess resides in such places. The Goddess Kamala has a close relationship with Prakash, the Goddess becomes the place of residence where there is no darkness, on the other hand, the Goddess's sister, Alkshmi, Jyeshtha, Neetti, who are poor , related to unfortunate, dark and impure places only their place of residence. Are formed. Cleanliness and sanctity are essential for the stable residence of Goddess Kamala . The worship of the Goddess is done by everyone in all the three worlds; Demons or demons, deities and humans all need Goddess grace; Because happiness and prosperity all want to get. Goddess has been worshiped by all the beings of Tri-Bhuvan since time immemorial. Without the grace of Goddess, poorness, misfortune, disease, strife etc. are always attached to the person, as a result the jatakas suffer, lacked, lacked wealth, depressed, depressed. Goddess Kamala offers all kinds of happiness, prosperity, glory etc. to all beings, deities and demons. Once God, Lord Vishnu too had become inferior to Lakshmi , and as a result, all became poor and prosperous. Vishnu Priya Devi Kamala, Padma or Kamal Pushpa Priya. Lotus flowers are considered very sacred and important under Hindu, Buddhist and Jainism. The lotus of Goddess deities, lotus flowers are necessary in worship and can make lotus flowers on all the Gods. Lotus origin is found in dirty spots, but there is no effect of filth, filth on lotus flower, lotus is always holy and displays divine holiness. Goddess Kamala, lotus are dear, keep on being easy to lotus, hold garlands of lotus, lotus flowers are surrounded by flowers. Goddess Kamala, the god of the world is Lord Vishnu 's wife.
Goddess Kamala is very handsome and beautiful, with the physical character of the Goddess has taken a golden look. The nature of the Goddess is very beautiful, there are a few smiles on the mandal, they have three eyes, like lotus, they hold semi moon on their heads. There are four sides of the Goddess, they wear lotus flower in both sides of the upper part and display the Abhaya and Abhaya mudra with both sides of the niche. The Goddess Kamala manages the precious gemstones in the form of jewelery and are equipped with Kaustubh Mani crowned crown on the head of the goddess; Goddess is wearing beautiful silk sari. Goddess in the middle of the ocean, lotus is surrounded by flowers and sits on the seat of lotus. The elephants are bathing the goddess with the urn of nectar.
The story of the emergence of Goddess Kamala in the eighth scandal of Shrimad Bhagwat is received. The incidence of the goddess Kamala came from sea ​​churning ; Once the gods and demons used to churn the ocean, which was the main to receive nectar. Due to the curse of Durgva Muni , all the gods were either Lakshmi or Shri Bin , even Lakshmi ji had sacrificed Lord Vishnu . Again Mr held to be or to achieve prosperity gems of various gods and demons churned the ocean. 18 gems were obtained from sea ​​churning , in those 18 gems, Goddess of wealth 'Kamala' and Goddess of poorThere was an increase of two sisters of 'Neriti or alkshmami' . Which Devi Kamala Lord Vishnu went gave the Nihriti Dush salt sage. Devi, after marriage to Lord Vishnu , became famous as Kamala-Lakshmi . After that, Goddess Kamala took a rigid adoration of 'Shri Vidya Maha Tripurasundari' to get a special place ; His satisfied with the worship of the goddess Tripura him Mr. conferred and Mhowidyaon ranked. Since that time the relation of Goddess is completely wealth, prosperity and happiness.

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