lordess sakthi




Bhuvanesvari is the fourth Mahavidya. Bhuvan means the Universe, and Iswari means the Ruler, and therefore She is the Ruler of the Universe. She is also known as Rajarajeswari and protects the Universe. Here is the story of her manifestation from the “Pranatoshini Grantha”. Brahma had the desire to create the Universe, and he did intense tapasya to invite the energy of Creation, Kriya Shakti. Parameswari, pleased with his tapasya responded to his invitation and came as Bhu devi or Bhuvanesvari. She is red in color, seated on a lotus flower. Her body is resplendent and shining with jewels. She holds a noose (paasham) and a curved sword (ankusham) in two of her hands and the other two assume the mudras of blessing and freedom from fear. She resides in Shiva’s heart. Bhuvanesvari is the Supreme Empress of Manifested Existence, the exposer of consciousness

Beeja Mantra