lordess sakthi




The fifth form of Mahavidya is Bhairavi. She has many names including Tripura Bhairavi, Sampath Praja Bhairavi, Kaulesh Bhairavi, Siddhida Bhairavi, Bhay Vidwamsi Bhairavi, Chaitanya Bhairavi, Kameshwari Bhairavi, Nitya Bhairavi and Rudra Bhairavi. Her body is the color of the rising sun. She wears a pearl necklace around her neck, has red breasts and has four hands in which She holds a japa mala, pustak, and displays the mudras of blessing and freedom from fear. She has three eyes that are red in color and wears a moon on Her forehead. Bhairavi is the form of Kali that killed Chanda and Munda. She is free from all fear and frees us from all fear.

Beeja Mantra