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The Sixth form of Mahavidya is Chhinnamasta. Chhinnamasta words are made up of two words: the first incised and II Msta, the meaning of these two words, 'incised separate or isolated' and 'Msta: forehead, thus which are separate from the forehead flesh chhinnamasta called. Goddess cut his head with his own hands and holds it in his hands and is also known by other names like the huge Chandika.Divine Goddess Durga is the form of Chinnamasta , Goddess herself is the three qualities; Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik,Represent three triangularities. Goddesses represent the Universe's transformation cycle, the entire universe is moving through this cycle. Being balanced and constructive of destruction is very essential for the smooth operation of the universe. Goddess Chinnamasta is worshiped in Jain and Buddhism, and in Buddhism, Devi is famous as the name of Chinnumunda Vajravrawi .
Divine truth of life death, The origin of new life from lust and ultimately the symbol of death is Goddess. Deities, self-control benefits, due to unnecessary and excessive aspirations, fall, represent yoga practice by divine powers, self-control, control over increasing desires. The Goddess, Yoga Power, the control of desires and especially the suppression of sexual desire. Devi Chinnamasta disrupts all kinds of ego. Devi Chinnamasta is naked with scattered hair, Kamdev and his wife are standing in the middle of the lotus, wearing a very rough form over Rati Devi . The physical characters of the goddess are piglets or red-yellow and the goddess with full-fledged breasts seems to be in the form of a girl of sixteen years. The goddess has kept the jewels with snakes and other priceless gems along with the neck of the human Mundo, the goddess holds the snake yagyaopav.
The goddess, on the head, holds crowns and semi chunks with priceless gems, with three eyes. Goddess chinnamastaIn his right hand there is a sliced ​​head of his own which he has cut from his own khadg and in the left hand he holds the Kharag so that he cut his head. The three edges of blood are coming out from the neck of the Goddess, the Goddess herself is drinking blood with one edge and with other two streams, the companions of the Goddess are drinking blood.
The names of both yogins are Jaya and Vijaya or Dakini and Vareini . The Goddess, herself and her companions are happily drinking with yogini. Both of the Goddesses of the Goddess are standing in nakedness and in their hands there are Kharag and human beings. Goddess's companion Dakini Tamo Guni (Natural Disability of Destruction) and Deep Varna and VareiniThe appearance of red color and rajic properties (natural power related to origin) are present. Goddess appears to be extremely horrible, raging, with two companions, because of anger, the presence of great destruction is a symbol! Devi Chinnamasta

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