lordess sakthi




The seventh Mahavidya is Dhumavati. Here is the story of Her origin. One day Mahadev was sitting in Kailash and Parvati was on his lap. She told Shiva that She was very hungry and requested Him to get Her some food. Shiva asked Her to wait awhile and so saying went back into meditation. Parvati once again asked Shiva, “Hey Father of the Universe, please give me some food, I cannot wait any longer”. When Shiva asked Her to wait a second time, Parvati was so hungry that She became aggressive. The third time this happened, Parvati could bear no more and she ate Shiva to appease Her hunger. Immediately smoke started to come from within Her body. Shiva, who was inside her body, had opened His third eye and He said to Parvati, “Without me, there is no Purusha in the universe, only Prakriti, as only You exist.” For this reason, this is the widow form of the Goddess known as Dhumavati. Dhuma means smoke, and She is depicted without any ornaments and in widow apparel. Dhumavati demonstrates renunciation and removes all frustration and agitation, and is free from disrepute.

Beeja Mantra