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Goddess Matanga is situated at the ninth place in ten great sciences , usually Goddess! The following are related to Nana tribes. Other famous names are named Chandelini or Maha-Pishachini , the goddess is famous and the relation of the Goddess is different from the various mechanisms and theories . In the light of magic or goddess power , the goddess is auspicious. Speech is accomplished in accomplishment, music and other fine arts; Nana is related to Siddha Vidyas; The goddess systematics are versatile. The Goddess is able to subdue all creatures and their foe enemies in Tribhuvan by mere word, which is called hypnosis , Goddess! HypnotismAre the dynasty. Goddess is associated with nature, animals, birds, forests, forests, hunting etc., Goddess Matangi is highly worshiped from tribal-tribes living in the forest . They are given only by a different type of paraparabara, the goddess, used by the lower and the masses. Goddess Matangi is also known as the daughter of Matang Muni. The goddess is closely related to the exquisite food items, as a result of which the Goddess is known by the name of Chhadalini , who is not required for fasting in the worship of the Goddess. Despicable items are required for the worship of the Goddess. The origin of the lost goddess was from Shiva and Parvati 's choicest food. The worship of the Goddess was first performed by Lord Vishnu , since it is considered as a happy, prosperous, prosperous and highly endowed on a high post. The Goddess is worshiped in Buddhism, but there was no existence of Goddess in the beginning of Buddhism. In time, goddess Buddhism became known as Matagiri . It is believed that marital life is auspicious by the grace of Goddess, the Goddess eliminates all the sufferings of the planet. The origin of the Goddess is from the love of Shiva and Parvati . Goddess Matanga is related to dead body or cremation ground and cremation ground . Goddess holds Khaper, made from Maha Shankh (human skull) or scalp on her right hand. All gods and goddesses related to delusional, are related to cremation grounds, cremation , chita, chita-bhasam, bone etc., the habitat of supernatural powers are mainly in these places. According to the system or system of learning, the goddess Tantric Saraswati is known and the sarathi and chief consultant of the Ratha of Sri Vidya Maha Tripurasundari.
The physical character of Goddess Matangi is of dark blue or black hair ; Goddess Ardh Chandra is holding on his head, and Goddess is with three narcissistic eyes. The Goddess is sitting on a gemstones with priceless gems and is equipped with various types of Mukta-Bhushan, which is very good in her beauty. Somewhere the goddess! Kamal's posture and body are also on the body. Goddess MatangiGarlands bear garlands, red ornaments are dear to the goddess, and usually wear red colors and ornaments, etc. Goddess, like a young girl of sixteen years, has a form of physical formation which is complete and adorable. The Goddess is with four hands; He holds the harp and human skull in his right hand and holds Khadg in the left hand and displays abhaya mudra. Birds and birds can be seen around them, usually birds live with them.
According to the Pranatosini system, Parvati Devi once asked her husband Lord Shiva for permission to meet her father, Himalaya Raj, and meet her mother and father. But Lord Shiva did not want them to leave him alone. On repeated occasions of Lord Shiva 's chanting, he allowed the Goddess to go here to his father Himalaya Raj. They also put a condition that! They will soon meet Kailash and meet the parents. Afterwards, for sending his daughter Parvati to Kailash, his mother Maneka sent a herd vehicle pattern. After some days Lord Shiva , Bin ParvatiBecame disconcerted and began to think of ways to bring them back; He changed his disguise as a jewelery trader and went to the house of Himalaya Raj . The goddess wanted to take Parvati 's examination in this disguise , she went to the forefront of Parvati and asked her to choose jewelery as per her wish. When Parvati chose some jewelery and wanted to know the value! Lord Shiva , a trader, changed the Goddess from the Goddess, instead of the value of jewelery, expressed his desire for hypnotism. Devi Parvati was very angry, and finally she recognized her with her supernatural powers. After that Goddess got ready for sex and requested the trader to come back for some days. After some days Goddess ParvatiEven by changing the decoction , Lord Shiva 's head went to Kailash Mountain. Lord Shiva was preparing for his constant supplementation. Devi Parvati , wearing a red garland, showed her husband's face with big eyes, dark hair and lean body. Lord Shiva asked to introduce her to Goddess, Goddess replied that she is the daughter of a Chandal and has come to perform penance. Lord Shiva recognized the Goddess and where! They are going to provide the fruits of penance to the ascetic. By saying this, he caught the hand of the goddess and became immersed in love. After that, the Goddess requested Lord Shiva to give the war; Lord Shiva Gave blessings to her likeness to be located from the Chandlini character and provided many supernatural powers.

Beeja Mantra