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Abodes of Ganesh

Ganesh is the very famous god in the Indian Mythology. Before starting any activity He is to be worshiped first. He is called by many names such as Vinayagar, Vigneshwar, Gajamugan, Ekathandha, Chathurbujan, Gajanana, Ganapathi, Lamboothara etc.,. He will be found in every nook and corner in a place. He is elephant faced with four hands and one tusk. Three of His hands carrying Pasha (a rope), ANKUSHA (a spear-like weapon curved at one end) and MODAKA (a pudding like sweet dish) and the fourth held in a gesture which assures help and protection to the devotee. Ganesha's bulky head symbolizes his extraordinary intelligence. His ears are broad like winnowing pans. Winnowing pans are used to winnow grain. The husk and the grain get separated, so does Ganesha distinguish between truth and untruth. It may also be said that the broad ears symbolize his capacity to listen to the prayers of all his devotees with great attention. While his ever-moving trunk teaches that one should be active always, his single tusk denotes single-mindedness in action. His huge belly signifies that the entire Brahmanda (universe) is hidden within Ganapathi. He rides a rat. The rat personifies evil qualities like anger, too much of pride and selfishness. Riding on the rat shows that Ganesha checks these evil passions.

Ganapathi Head of all the Ganas
Chathurbujan having four hands
Ekathandha having one tusk
Vinayagar a prominent leader

According to the mythology, there are 33 different types of Vinayagar. They are : -


Aadhi Vinayagar   12. Heramba Vinayagar   23. Ekathandha Vinayagar
2. Bala Vinayagar   13. Lakshmi Vinayagar   24. Srushti Vinayagar
3. Tharuna Vinayagar   14. Maha Vinayagar   25. Uthanda Vinayagar
4. Bakthi Vinayagar   15. Vijaya Vinayagar   26. Rannamoosana Vinayagar
5. Veera Vinayagar   16. Nirutha Vinayagar   27. Thundi Vinayagar
6. Sakthi Vinayagar   17. Oorthuva Vinayagar   28. Dhuvimuga Vinayagar
7. Dwaja Vinayagar   18. Ekatchara Vinayagar   29. Mummuga Vinayagar
8. Sithi Vinayagar   19. Vara Vinayagar   30. Singa Vinayagar
9. Uchishta Vinayagar   20. Druyakshara Vinayagar   31. Yoga Vinayagar
10. Vigna Vinayagar   21. Skshipraprasada Vinayagar   32. Durgaa Vinayagar
11. Shipra Vinayagar   22. Haridhra Vinayagar   33. Sankatahara Vinayagar

Inner Eight forms of Lord Ganesh

Abodes of Ganesh

Temple Index

Karpaga Vinayagar at Pillaiyarpatti near Karaikudi

Uchipillaiyar Koil, Trichy

Aadhi Vinayagar at Sethalapathy near Mayavaram

Mukuruni Vinayagar at Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai Ashta Vinayak Temples near Pune.
Mannakkulla Vinayagar at Pondicherry.   Valanchuzhi Vinayagar at Thiruvalanchuzhi near Kumbakonnam.
Ganapatipule Titwala Rajpur Ganapati at Rajpur near Aurangabad.