Abodes of lord Vishnu

1. Arulmigu Ranga Nachiyar sameda Ranganathar Temple - Thiru Arangam (Sri Rangam)

Moolavar   Ranganathar, Periya Perumal
Utsavar   Nam Perumal, Azhagiya Manavaalan
Thayar   Ranga Nachiyar
Kshethram   Sri Ranga Kshetram
Theertham   Chandra Pushkarani,Vilva Theertham, Naaval Theertham, Arasu Theertham, Punnai Theertham, Maghiz Theertham, Porasu Theertham, Kadamba Theertham, Maa Theertham
Pose & Direction   Bujanga Sayanam facing South
Vimanam   Pranavaakruthi Vimanam
Sthala Vruksham   Punnai
Paadiyavar   Pei Alwar, Boodhath Alwar, Poigai Alwar, Periyalwar, Kulasekara Alwar, Andal, Thirumangai Alwar, Thondaradi Podi Alwar, Thirumezhisai Alwar, Thiruppan Alwar, Nammalwar
Travel Base   Trichy
Nearest Railway Station   Srirangam



It is located in the middle of the Trichy town. It is hardly 5 kms from Trichy well connected by road and rail. The temple is located on Trichy-Madras road. After crossing the River Cauvery Bridge while coming from Trichy, we can see the temple Rajagopuram. While coming by Train we can get down at Sri Rangam Station. We have either stay at Trichy or even at Sri Rangam. We can get all facilities here.



The deity here resembles as the Lord is in Srivaikundam. Once Lord Bramha meditated on Lord Vishnu and got the Sriranga Vimanam, the pose of Lord Vishnu as He is in Srivaikundam. Lord Bramha was doing His Creation job only after worshipping the Sriranga Vimanam. Lord Surya’s grand-son King Ikshavagu worshiped Lord Bramha and brought the Sriranga Vimanam to Earth and placed in Ayodhya. The Surya Dynasty from King Ikshavagu to Lord Rama worshipped the Sriranga Vimanam. Lord Rama after Pattabishekam gave the Sriranga Vimanam to King Vibeeshana of Eezha (Lanka) Dynasty. While King Vibeeshana taking the Sriranga Vimanam to SriLanka, placed on the banks of River Cauvery & Kollidam. After some time when King Vibeeshana tried to unearth it , he couldn’t as Lord Vishnu has already given a boon to River Cauvery that Lord will come to Earth and wear her as a garland. Lord Vishnu appeared before him and told that Lord Ranganathar will be lying here and will be seeing the Sri Lanka from here. The Sriranga Vimanam was placed on the banks of Cauvery near Trichy and the ruler of Chola Dynasty at that time was King Dharmavarma. He was very happy and immediately built a small temple there for Lord Ranganathar and worshipped daily. When there was a flood in the Cauvery the temple went inside the Earth. From the heredity of King Dharmavarma came a King called Killivallavan, he while resting under a tree, a parrot advised him that the Lord Ranganathar is under this tree. He immediately unearthed the Sriranga Vimanam and renovated it and named the place as Sri Rangam. This temple is one and foremost of the Nava Rathnam Temple representing Ranga Rathnam.



This temple is the foremost temple in the 108 divya desam of Lord Vishnu. It is considered as the Temple of all the Vaishnavite temples as it also called as Adhi Rangam. As far of Vaishnavites are concerned this temple is big in all aspects. (a) Temple Name : Periya arangam (b) Mulavar Name : Periya Perumal (c) Thayar Name : Periya Piraati (d) Only temple having Seven inner Circles. (e) The South Tower towering 236 feet is supposed to be the highest tower in South-East Asia. (f) The Garudalwar in this temple is the biggest Garudar in Vaishnavite temples. There are Seven inner circles in this temple. They are (a) Boologam (Circle surrounded by Maadangal) (b) Buvarlogam (Circle in memory of Thiru Vikrama Cholan) (c) Suvarlogam (Circle in memory of Killi Cholan) (d) Maharlogam (Circle in memory of King Thiru Mangai) (e) Janoologam (Circle in memory of King Kulasekaran) (f) Thaboologam (Circle in memory of King Rajemahendra Cholan) (g) Sathyalogam (Circle in memory of King Dharmavarma Cholan).

Arulmigu Ranga Nachiyar sameda Ranganathar Temple
Srirangam, Trichy - 620006
Phone: 0431-2432246
Temple Timings : 6.00 am to 9.00 pm