Abodes of lord Shiva

2. Arulmigu Aavudainayaki samedha Kailasanadhar Temple - Cheranmahadevi

Moolavar   Kailasanadhar
Thayar   Aavudainayaki
Theertham   Tamarabarani River
Pose & Direction  
Sthala Vruksham   Aala Maram (Banyan tree)
Travel Base   Tirunelveli
Nearest Railway Station   Cheranmahadevi



Cheranmahadevi is 20 kms from Tirunelveli on Tirunelveli - Papanasam Road near the Railway Bridge on Tamarabarani River.. The 2km stretch road from Cheranmahadevi Bus Stand is bit muddy and the vehicles can go up to the temple. No much facilities available there. But there are plenty of buses from Tirunelveli to Cheranmahadevi. We can stay at Tirunelveli and visit this temple before leaving to Papnasam.



The Shivling worshipped in the temple is believed to have been installed by Sage Romasa. Legend has it that two sisters worshiped the original Swayambhu Shivling in the temple. The two sisters wanted to build a temple for the Shivling. They started saving money for the purpose. Shiva one day decided to test their devotion. He came in the disguise of a Shiva Bhakta and demanded food. The two sisters readily agreed to feed him. But the Shiva Bhakta was not ready to eat in dark. He demanded some form of light. The sisters were poor and they had no light. But as the sisters did not want to disappoint a Shiva Bhakta, one of the sister broke a coconut and added ghee and put a wick in it and light a lamp. Shiva was moved by their devotion and showed his original form. He also blessed them with wealth and prosperity. They used the wealth to build a temple. The Nandi murti in the temple is not exactly facing the Shivling. It is slightly moved away from the center. Legend has it that Shiva had asked Nandi to move from the center so that Nandanar, his ardent devotee could have darshan on him. Nandanar was born in a low caste and people did not let him inside the shrine. But he used to worship from outside and Shiva therefore asked Nandi to move to the side so that his devotee can have darshan of him.



Arulmigu Aavudainayaki samedha Kailasanadhar Temple
Cheranmahadevi, Tirunelveli - 627414
Temple Timings : 6.00 am to 10.00 am, 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm