Abodes of lord Shiva

9. Arulmigu Kuyilinum Inia Mozhiyal sameda Chayavaneswarar Temple - Tiru Chaikadu (Sayavanam)

Moolavar   Chayavaneswarar
Thayar   Kuyilinum Inia Mozhiyal
Theertham   Sangumukha Theertham, Iravada Theertham
Pose & Direction  
Sthala Vruksham   Korai Tree
Paadiyavar   Sambandar,Thirunavukarasar
Travel Base   Sirkazhi
Nearest Railway Station   Sirkazhi



Chaayaavanam is located at about 17 kms south east of Sirkazhi, 20 kms east of Mayiladuthurai. Chayavanam is located on Sirkali Poompuhar road. Town bus services to Poompuhar are available from Sirkazhi. Another Paadal Petra Sthalam Pallavaneswaram is located very close to this temple. Nearest Railway Station is located at Sirkali



Lord Vishnu worshipped Shiva to acquire the famous conch, Panchajanyam. There is a famous temple, Thalai Sanga Nanmathiyam, a Divyadesam, dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the same village. Lord Shiva once came to Iyarpagayar in the guise of a Shiva devotee and demanded his wife to be sent with him. Without any hesitation, the devotee offered him his wife. The wife also did not disobey the husband nor opposed his decision. The Lord said that his relatives or others can intercept and attack him on the way and therefore, he should escort him until he crossed the borders of the place. Iyarpagayar obliged and escorted the Lord with a sword on hand. The devotee defeated those who came to oppose. Reaching the border, the devotee was asked to return as the danger was over. While turning to go back, Iyarpagayar saw the Lord with Parvathi asking him to go back with his wife, live happily for years and come back to him at the end of his life. It is in this holy soil, Chayavanam, the miracle took place. Athithi, mother of Indira was harbouring a desire to come to earth and worship Chayavaneswarar. Therefore, she landed on the earth. Indira was searching for the missing mother and found that she had come to earth. To fulfill the desire of the mother, Indira wanted to take the temple to his place pulling it through his white elephant Iravadham. While he made the attempt, Mother Parvathi made a sound that was sweeter than that of a nightingale. She came to be known as Kuyilinum Inia Mozhiyal. Lord Shiva also appeared before Indira and told him to drop the idea of taking the temple to his place and advised him to do the worship on Earth itself and be blessed. Also it is here, that Lord Muruga holds the bow and the arrow instead of his usual weapon Velayudham, readying for the war against Soorapadman. It is also said that the idol of Lord Muruga was found in the sea and taken from there to the temple. Muruga also wears the Veeragandamani (anklet) in his right leg, presented by Father Lord Shiva. Those who have fear of enemies, worship this Muruga for freedom from enemy fear. While Mother Shakthi offered the Vel to Muruga, the Lord gave him the Veeragandamani. Those who come and worship here sum up all courage to advance in life.



The temple dates from the time of the Medieval Cholas. The temple in this Sthalam is one among the six temples which are compared as equivalent to the temple in Varanasi. The other 5 Shivasthalams are Thiruvenkadu, Mayiladuthurai, Tiruvaiyaru, Tiruvidaimarudur and Tiruvanchiam. This temple is one of the Maadakovil built by Kochengat Chozhan. Chai means Korai in Tamil. The place was full of these type of grass, and hence the name Chayavanam / Chaikadu

Arulmigu Kuyilinum Inia Mozhiyal sameda Chayavaneswarar Temple
Chayavanam, Nagapattinam - 609105
Phone: 4364260151
Temple Timings : 7.00 am to 12.00 noon, 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm