Abodes of lord Shiva

206. Arulmigu Kuzhalvai Mozhi Ammai sameda Kuttralanathar Temple - Kuttralam

Moolavar   Kuttralanathar
Thayar   Kuzhalvai Mozhi Ammai
Theertham   Siva Madhu Ganga, Chitra River
Pose & Direction  
Sthala Vruksham   Kurumpala
Paadiyavar   Sambandar
Travel Base   Tirunelveli
Nearest Railway Station   Tenkasi



This temple is located roughly 5 Kms from Tenkasi. Tenkasi is connected with other parts of Tamilnadu both by road and rail. Tenkasi can easily be reached by bus from Madurai and Tirunelveli. Bus services from Tenkasi to Courtalam are available.



The temple has five entrances representing four Vedas and the one being the way of Pilavendhan who came to enjoy the dance of Lord Shiva. The design of the Dwarapalakas is different as if they are in a conversation. This was a Vaishnava temple earlier. The devotee can worship all the Panchaboodha Lingas representing water, earth, fire, vayu and the space here. Of the five stages of Lord Nataraja dance – Golden, silver or Rajatha, copper, Ratna and Chitra- the Chitra Sabha is near the Kuttralanathar temple. Lord Nataraja graces in the form of a painting. The finger prints of Sage Agasthya on the Linga are still visible. When Agasthya pressed his hands on the head of Lord Perumal, it caused headache to Lord Shiva. As a remedy, a Thaila-oil is applied on the head – Shivalinga Bana – during the 9.30 a.m. puja. This abishek Thaila-oil is offered as Prasad to devotees. Agasthya entered the temple with Tiruman Nama on the frehead, Tulsi mala around the neck and worshipped holding Lord Shiva in his heart. The conch in Vishnu’s hand changed into deer, Tulsi into crescent moon, Tilak as forehead eye and the ratna in the chest as the serpent. Agasthya pressed the head of Vishnu with his hand letting it go down and down till it got the form of a Linga. Agasthya got the Shiva Parvathi wedding darhsan immediately here itself. It is still believed that the Devas are worshipping the Lord in the temple during the day and Sage Agasthya during the night. The finger prints of Sage Agasthya on the Linga are still visible. Lord Shiva worshipped by Agasthya at Ilanji is praised as Iruvaluka Nayaka. It is suggested that devotees should worship Iruvaluka Shiva first before proceeding to Kuttralam for full gain. The temple was in the shape of a conch when it was a Vaishnavite shrine. It is so now too. The devotee can observe this form on his/her way to Shenbagadevi temple. Conch represents the power of Mother Mahalakshmi. The sound gives energy. Hence, conch is blown during Shiva pujas.



Arulmigu Kuzhalvai Mozhi Ammai sameda Kuttralanathar Temple
Kuttralam, Tirunelveli - 627802
Temple Timings : 6.00 am to 12.00 pm, 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm