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Abodes of Navagraha

Guru (Jupiter)

Guru (Jupiter) is  brighter & bigger than the other planets next to Sun. He is the commander for the Number 3 in astrology i.e., the persons having date in the date of birth as 3,12,21. He takes one year to move from one Rasi to another. He is the minister in the cabinet of Indran and is the Deva Guru. He is also called as Bruhaspathi. According to the astrology, in a person's horoscope  if any of the planets giving  adverse effects and it has the Guru seeing him then the adverse effects of that planet cannot be carried out.

Lord Bramha created Nine persons called Prajapathi to assist him in the Creation of the Earth.  Aangeerasar is one of the Prajapathi. Bruhaspathi was born to Aangeerasar and Vasoodha. Bruhaspathi was well versed in Vedhas and arts. So, he was nominated as Advisor (Guru) for the Devas. He was also called as Devaguru. He had two wives Tara and Sangini and a son called Kasan. Devas will not do anything without consulting him.   He takes One year to cross 30 degree on a Rasi (Zodiac). The auspicious day for him is "Thursday". In our Human body Liver, Ribs, Blood and Blood vessals are the control of Jupiter.

Temple Index

Chola Naadu Aabathsagayeswarar Temple Aalangudi
Pandiya Naadu Kailasanathar Temple Murappanaadu
Thondai Naadu Ramanadheeswarar Temple Porur
    Thiruvalidhaayam (Padi)
Vada Naadu    


1. Rasi Sagittarius (Dhanusu) / Pisces (Meenam)
2. Direction North East (Eesaanyam)
3. Color Golden Yellow
4. Grains Bengal Gram
5. Vehicle Elephant
6. Flower White Lily (Mullai)
7. Gems Topaz
8. Offerings Rice with Bengal Gram powder
9. Samith Arasu
10. Alloy Gold
11. Adhi Devatha Brahma, Dakinamoorthy
12. Prathya Devatha Indran
13. Auspicious Day Thursday
14. Sex Male
15. Caste Brahmin
16. Dress Golden Color Dress
17. Doopa Deepam Aambal
18. Pancha Bootham Fire
19. Taste Sweet
20. Friend Rasi Aries, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio
21. Alien Rasi Taurus, Gemini, Libra
22. Parts of Body Heart
23. Amsa Athipathi Child, Wealth
24. Thisai Duration 11 years