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Kanchipuram (Temple City) is known as the land of temples. Wherever you go there you can find a temple and not a single street is left without a temple. As per Hindu mythology Kanchi (Kanchi puri) is one of the SEVEN holy pilgrimage centres of India known as "Saptha Puri". Kanchi is one of the holy pilgrimage site for Saivites, Vaishnavites , Jains and Buddhists. It consists of 108 Shiva temples, 18 Vishnu Temples and remains of Jains and Buddhist Stupas of 2nd Century BC. It was a centre of education and was known as "Ghatikasthanam" which means place of learning. This city was also a religious centre of advance education for Jainism and Buddhism between 1st and 5th centuries. It has been chosen as one of the heritage cities for HRIDAY (Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana).

It is located on the banks of River Vegavathi and is 72 kms away from Chennai on Chennai - Bangalore Highway. It is well connected by Road and Rail and nearest airport is Chennai.


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