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Abodes of Navagraha

Kethu (The Dragon's Descending Node)

Kethu is a Dragon's Descending node. He is the commander for the Number 7 in astrology i.e., the persons having date in the date of birth as 7,16,25. Raaghu was the born to Demon  Viprasithi and Simmihai. Once when the milky ocean was chunked, lot of invaluables emerged. Among them are Kamadhenu (Cow), Iyyravadham (Elephant), Ujjai Siras (Horse), Karpaga Vritcham (Tree), Nectar etc.  Lord Vishnu took the form for Mohini and distributed the Nectar only the Devas as the Asuras were served. On knowing this Raaghu took the form of Devas and just sat on the Devas side and had the Nectar. The Sun and Moon on seeing this informed Lord Vishnu, who is in the form of Mohini. Mohini chopped the Raaghu's head with the Nectar serving stick. The body and his head fell separately on the Earth. The body of Raaghu with the Serpant King Vasuki's head became "Kethu" and the head of Raaghu with the Vasuki's body became "Raaghu". He had a wife Chitraleka and a son Avamirthu. He takes One and a half years to move from one Rasi (Zodiac) to another. The stars which are under his control are Asvini, Magam and Moolam. He does'nt have any Rasi under his control. He moves in the anti-clockwise direction  between the Rasi. Once Kethu is at the 12th Position from the Lagna in a horoscope then that person will not have next birth.  

Temple Index

Chola Naadu   Keezhaperumpallam
Pandiya Naadu Kailasanathar Temple Rajapathi
Thondai Naadu Padambakthanathar Thiruvotriyur
  Kungaleeswarar Temple Koyambedu
  Neelakandeeswarar Temple Gerugambakkam
  Kalahasteeswarar Kalahastri
Vada Naadu    


1. Rasi No important Rasi
2. Direction North West
3. Color Red
4. Grains Horse Gram (Kollu)
5. Vehicle Lion
6. Flower Red Lilly
7. Gems Lapis
8. Offerings Rice with Horse Gram powder
9. Samith Tharbai
10. Alloy Thurkkal
11. Adhi Devatha Vinayagar, Sandigeeswarar
12. Prathya Devatha Brahma
13. Auspicious Day Daily (Yema Kandam)
14. Sex Ali
15. Caste Sangrama
16. Dress Red with Colored Dots
17. Doopa Deepam Semmaram
18. Pancha Bootham Space
19. Taste (Uraippu)
20. Friend Rasi Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces
21. Alien Rasi Cancer, Leo
22. Parts of Body Hand, Shoulders
23. Amsa Athipathi Eternal (Motcha)
24. Thisai Duration 7 years