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 by Padmani,


Abodes of Shiva

In almost all the saivate temples the main deity of the Lord is worshipped in the form of Linga. The Linga is divided into three parts. The outer visible part of the bhaanam in the Linga is called "Rudra Bhaakam" representing Lord Shiva. It is mostly circular in shape. The inner part of same length of bhaanam immersed inside the "Aavudaiyar" is called "Vishnu Bhaakam" representing Lord Vishnu. It is mostly of octagon in shape. The bottom part of the peedam is called the "Bramha Bhaakam" representing Lord Bramha. The water that flows out of the Linga is through "Naallam".

Based on the nature of Linga, the linga is divided into two. They are "Sala Lingam" and "Asala Lingam". The "Sala Lingam" by nature is movable. These kind of Linga are made out of sand, alloy, wood, stone, flour, turmeric, etc.,.  Linga may be further divided into four, six, nine types. The main four types of Linga are Deiveegam, Aarsheegam, Kaannabam and Maanushyam. By adding Suyambu Lingam and Baana Lingam, it will become six types.