lord Shiva

Maada Koilgal

Maada Koilgal are the temples which were built by King Chochengotan Cholan. A Chola king, Kochengat Cholan was a spider in his previous birth, spun webs on the Shivalinga and worshipped Lord Shiva. The spider spun the webs to prevent birds spitting on the Linga and falling of stale leaves in the Lord. Knowing not the Bhakthi of the spider, an elephant, also a Shiva devotee performed abishek to the Lord with water from Cauvery, thus removing the spider web. The spider entered into the ears of the elephant. Unable to bear this torture, the elephant struck the ground strongly with its tusk and died killing the spider too. Both reached the Feet of Lord Shiva simultaneously. These temples were designed in such a way that the elephants cannot enter. The spider begged the Lord to grant him a royal birth and was born as Kochengat Cholan and built temple which elephants could not climb. These temples are called Mada temples. Based on this story and the services of Kochengat Cholan, these events are sculpted in the temple tower in small size. Scientifically too, these Mada Temples are considered a means to protect people of Cauvery delta villages from heavy floods. The temples are

1. Jambukeswarar Temple Thiruvaanaikoil
2. Kalyanasundareswarar Temple Thirunallur
3. Saayavaneeswarar Temple Saayavanam
4. Mahalakshmeeswarar Temple Thirunindriyur
5. Sathyagireeswarar Temple Senganoor
6. Pasupatheeswarar Temple Aavoor
7. Dharmapureeswarar Temple Vadathalli
8. Vaikalnathar Temple Vaikal Maada Koil
9. Sornapureeswarar Temple Sembanar Koil
10. Valampuranathar Temple Mela perumumpallam
11. Sangaaranyeeswarar Temple Thalaichangaadu
12. Thanthondreeswarar Temple Aakkoor
13. Bramhapureeswarar Temple Ambar
14. Nethrapureeswarar Temple Thiruvizhimazhalai
15. Sornapureeswarar Temple Azhagaputhur
16. Madhuvaneeswarar Temple Nannilam
17. Rathnagireeswarar Temple Thirumarugal
18. Navanatheeswarar Temple Sikkal
19. Kediliyappar Temple Keezha Vellur
20. Devapureeswarar Temple Devur
21. Abhimuktheeswarar Temple Makkaal Iyyampettai
22. Koneeswarar Temple Kudavaasal
23. Gyaanaparameswarar Temple Nallur Mayanam
24. Sthiraputhreeswarar Temple Thandalancheri
25. Hrudhayakamalanaadeeswarar Temple Valivalam
26. Kaichineeswarar Temple Kachanam
27. Thiruvaaneeswarar Temple Ranganathapuram, Thirukkaatupalli
28. Thirukkarai Eswarar Temple Peranamullar
29. Pasupatheeswarar Temple Pasupathikoil
30. Kailasanathar Temple Pandaaravadai