lord vishnu


Om Narayanaya Namaha


Color   Dark Blue
Shakthi (Lakshmi Roopa)   Vagisvari
Dress   Wears Yellow Silk garments and gem studded gold ornaments
Presiding Deity   Prajapathi


As Lord Vishnu is without Annihilation water created by Him is called 'Nara'. He sleeps on the water of dissolution is called 'Narayana'.Narayana murthi the second of the Vyuhantara who emanated from Para-Vasudeva.  He will be holding Lotus and Club on the upper left and right hands and Disc and Conch on the lower left and right hands. He is the Governing power of the  letter 'TSA' of Gayathri Mantra, the letter 'Na' of Mahamantra, 'Maha Tattva'  one of the 24 Tattvas. He is the custodian of the 'Parama Anna' (Rice-boiled with milk and sugar),'Vrsabharasi' , the lunar month of 'Pausa'  and the morning time . He dwells in the "Pingalaanaadi" and He is in the 'Vayu' who is His door-keeper. He is the invoked in the lower abdomen of the devotee. His flag bears the emblem of the Great Eagle.