lord vishnu

Panniru Alwar

"Nalaiyra Divya Pabhandham" containing 4000 poems sung on Lord Vishnu by 12 Azhwars called as "Panniru Azhwars". Each poem is called as a "Pasuram". Since these Azhwars created the Nalaiyra Divya Prabhandham they are considered as the Great Azhwars. All these Azhwars are one of the Hamsam of Lord Vishnu. Out of these 12 Azhwars only one Azhwar was a woman, two Azhwars were king and four Azhwars emerged on to the earth as child and not born. The first three Azhwars Poigai Azhwar, Boothath Azhwar and Pei Azhwar were called as "Mudhal Azhwars" as they lived during the same period (7th Century) and were born in the same year, same month and next stars (Thiruvonam, Avittam and Sadhayam). The Mudhal Azhwars and Andal emerged from the Earth and were not born. Out of the 12 Azhwars four of them are from Thondai Naadu, four from Pandiya Naadu, three from Chola Naadu and one from Malai Naadu.   Andal who is also called as "Soodikkodutha Sudar Kodi" is said to be the daughter (brought up) of Peri Azhwar has created "Thiruppavai" in which she considers Lord Vishnu as her husband. She is the only lady alwar.


1. Poigai Azhwar 2. Boothath Azhwar
Birth Place Thiruvekoo (Kancheepuram)
Year/Month/Star Chiththathri/Aipasi/Thiruvoonam
Amsam Thiruchangu (Conch)
Birth Place Mamallapuram
Year/Month/Star Chiththathri/Aipasi/Avittam
Amsam Gadhaayudham (Mace)
3. Pei Azhwar 4. Thirumezhisai Azhwar
Birth Place Mylapore (Chennai)
Year/Month/Star Chiththathri/Aipasi/Sadayam
Amsam Nandhagam (Sword)
Birth Place Thirumezhisai (Chennai)
Year/Month/Star Chiththathri/Thai/Maham
5. Namm Azhwar 6. Kulasekara Azhwar
Birth Place Tirukurugoor (Alwar Tirunagari)
Year/Month/Star Pramaashi/Vaikasi/Visakam
Birth Place Thiruvanjikkallam
Year/Month/Star Paraabhava/Maasi/Punarpoosam
Amsam Kowsthubam
7.Peri Azhwar 8. Andal
Birth Place Srivilliputhur
Year/Month/Star Krodhana/Aani/Swathi
Birth Place Srivilliputhur
Year/Month/Star Nalla/Aadi/Pooram
Amsam Boodevi
9. Thondaradi Podi Azhwar 10. Thirupaan Azhwar
Birth Place Thirumandangudi
Year/Month/Star Prabhava/Markazhi/Keetai
Amsam Sri Vaijayanthi Vanamaalai
Birth Place Uraiyur (Trichy)
Year/Month/Star Purdhurmathi/Kathigai/Rohini
Amsam Sri Vatsam
11. Thirumangai Azhwar 12. Madurakavi Azhwar
Birth Place Thirukurayalur (Thiruvali)
Year/Month/Star Nalla/Karthigai/Krithigai
Amsam Saarangam (Bow)
Birth Place Thirukollur (Alwar Tirunagari)
Year/Month/Star Eeswara/Chithirai/Chithirai