lord Shiva

Pancha Aarama Temples

Pancha Aarama Temples refers to the killing of Asura King Tarakasura by Lord Kumaraswamy. Tarakasura could not be killed unless the Linga which was held by him is separated from him. As per the instruction of Devas, Lord Kumaraswamy broke the Shiva linga into five pieces and were taken to five different places by Lord Kumaraswamy, Lord Vishnu, Indra, Surya and Chandra and installed there. These five temples were collectively called as Pancha Aarama Temples. All these temples are located in Andhra Pradesh. The temples are

1. Bheemeswarar Temple Drakshaarama Surya
2. Someeswarar Temple Somaarama Chandra
3. Ramalingeswarar Temple Ksheeraarama Vishnu
4. Amareeswarar Temple Amaraarama Indra
5. Bhimeeswarar Temple Kumaraarama Skanda