lord Shiva

Shada Aaranya Temples

Once, Goddess Parvathy penanced at Kancheepuram (Prithivi sthalam) which is one of the Pancha Boodha Sthalam. Lord was pleased with her penance and married her. Rishi’s and Devas from heaven came down to Kanchi, to participate in the heavenly marriage of Lord Siva and Kamakshi Ammai. The place was so crowded; Rishi’s who came to participate in the marriage stayed in the forest near to Kanchipuram. They had to perform there daily rituals unobstructed. Each one of them chose a place in the forest to worship Lord Siva. All six places where they worshiped is known as Shadaranyam. Since Six Rishi’s worshiped Swayambu Lingam in these six places it is considered holy to visit and worship Lord Siva here..

1. Agastheeswarar Temple, Vannivedu Agasthiya Maharishi
2. Vasishteeswarar Temple, Veppur Vasishta Maharishi
3. Bharathwaajeeswarar Temple, Pudhupadi Bharathwaaja Maharishi
4. Valmkeeswarar Temple, Melvisharam Valmiki Maharishi
5. Gowthameeswarar Temple, Karai Gowthama Maharishi
6. Athitheeswarar Temple, Gudimallur Athri Maharishi