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 by Padmani,


Abodes of Shiva (Kashi Temples)



Sage Narad came across Vindhya Mountains and told the latter that Sumeru Mountain was growing in height and Vindhya Mountain would soon be surpassed.  Irked by this, Vindhya mountain started growing higher and higher.  In the process, he blocked the sunlight to major part of the world.  This created chaos.   Many of the living beings, plants etc. started to die.  Devas and other learned men ran to Lord Brahma and pleaded with him to intervene.  Lord Brahma advised them to go to Kashi and take up the matter with Sage Agasthya. Devas alongwith Brihaspati came to Kashi and straight away went to Sage Agasthya�s Ashram.  They saw a serene atmosphere where the Sage was praying to Lord Shiva in the form of a Shiv Ling installed by the former.  The Shiv Ling was known as Agasthyeshwar.  Sage Agasthya had dug a kund which was later called Agasthya Kund where he used to take bath daily and perform all the pooja and rituals in worship of Lord Shiva.  Kashi Khand, Chapter 3 has described in detail the tranquil and divine ambience of the Ashram. Those devotees, who take bath in Agasthya kund and perform the rituals for their forefathers, will derive full benefits of staying in Kashi. (Kashi Khand, Chapter 26). Devotees should take bath in Agasthya Kund and perform the rituals for their forefathers.  They should worship Agasthyeshwar. Such devotees will be absolved of all their sins.  All their sufferings will vanish and they will reach heaven after their death. (Kashi Khand, Chapter 61).


Agasthyeshwar Ling is located at D.36/11, August Kund Mohalla. This will come somewhere in the vicinity of Nattu Kottai Chatram. Devotees who approach from Godowlia will come across Susheel Cinema.  Immediately after the cinema, they should take a left turn and at the end of the lane they should take another left turn and climb the huge steps on the right. The temple also houses a Shirdi Sai Baba idol which is widely worshipped by local devotees. Agasthya Kund is almost fully dried up but the entire locality is known by the name of August Kunda in reverence to Sage Agasthya and Agasthyeshwar Ling. The place of worship is open from 09.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m.  Devotees can worship as per their convenience.