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Abodes of Shiva (Kashi Temples)

Dhanvantareshwar Temple


Lord Shiva was relating the various sacred Teerths (Ponds), Koop (Wells) and places of worship in Kashi.  Lord Shiva described such places with blissful joy (Kashi Khand, Chapter 97). In the vicinity of Malteeshwar is the Dhanvantareshwar Ling. By worshipping this Ling, the devotee is cleansed of all sins committed by him and the devotee is cured of his diseases. Kashi Khand mentions one Dhanvantareshwar Koop (Well) where Dhanvantari (celestial physician) had dropped various medicines/drugs like Mrit Sanjivini, the elixir which revives the dead ones. The Koop is presently not visible.  However, in the near vicinity is Kalodak Koop (Well). The water from the well is capable of curing all diseases.   Old timers believe that Dhanvantareshwar Koop has merged itself with Kalodak Koop.


Dhanvantareshwar is located at K-52/39, in the premises of Mrityunay Mahadev temple.  People can approach this temple by rickshaw through Bisheshwarganj/GPO. The temple is open from 04.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. for worship.  People can perform pooja as per their convenience with sacred Ganges water and flowers etc.