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Abodes of Shiva (Kashi Temples)

Gangeshwar Temple


Lord Skanda was narrating various incidents about Kashi to Sage Agasthya. Mighty river Ganga entered Kashi and started flowing with all the might.  Ganga is considered pious and is regarded as Goddess Ganga Devi. She learnt about the divinity in installing a Shiv Ling in Kashi.  Accordingly, she installed a Shiv Ling somewhere towards the east of Visweshwar Ling. Getting a darshan of Gangeshwar Ling is somewhat difficult.  On Dussehara day (Vijay Dasami day), if a person performs pooja of Gangeshwar Ling, his sins accumulated over several years will be washed away.  Let alone having darshan of Gangeshwar Ling and benefiting out of it, if a devotee reads or listens about Gangeshwar Ling, he will earn the punya which will accrue to him by bathing in Holy River Ganga. (Kashi Khand, Chapter 91) Kashi Khand and other important texts covering Kashi have attached great importance to Ganga and bathing in River Ganga.  A person worshipping Gangeshwar will reach heaven after his death and all his desires will be fulfilled.


Gangeshwar is located at Ck.13/78. (Reference �Varanasi Vaibhav� by Pt. Kuber Nath Sukul). When a devotee proceeds from Pasupateshwar towards Sankata Devi temple, by taking a right turn, just opp. House No. Ck.13/68, one can find Gangeshwar Ling in the corner house.  If people do not carefully observe, they are bound to miss it.  Kashi Khand has aptly put it that getting darshan is difficult. The Ling is situated in the external place of a premises with a grill window.  Devotees can have darshan throughout. There is no specific pooja or poojari connected with this Ling.