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Abodes of Shiva (Kashi Temples)

Garudeshwar Temple


Garuda released his mother Vinata from the clutches of slavery (Kindly refer to Khakholkh Aditya � Surya temples).  Later, Vinata told her son Garuda that she must have committed some sin which made her  a slave.  She desired to go to Kashi for atonement of her sins. Garuda took her to Kashi  where Garuda installed a Shiv Ling and started praying ardently. Lord Shiva appeared in person and blessed Garuda stating that the latter would be known by everyone in the world as the vehicle/ride (vahana) of Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva further blessed Garuda that those devotees who worship Garudeshwar will be blessed with Ultimate Knowledge. (Kashi Khand, Chapter 50).


Garudeshwar is located at D-31/43, Jangambadi Teliana. When approached from Godowlia Cross Road (Chauraha) on the way to Sonarpura, devotees will have to take a left turn after Bengali Tola Post Office.  Garudeshwar is located adjacent to Purana Durga Badi at Jangambadi, which is a famous landmark.  Devotees can travel Jangambadi by  rickshaw and walk on foot to the temple. The temple is open for worship from 07.00 a.m. to 07.30 p.m.