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Abodes of Shiva (Kashi Temples)

Vridha Kaleshwar Temple


According to Kashi Khand, Chapter 24, there was a staunch devotee known as Vridha Kal. In his earlier birth, he was residing in Holy city of Madurai and was known as Siva Sharma. He died in Haridwar and reached Vaikunth.  Due to his punya karma, he took rebirth and reached Kashi. He was worshipping one Ling and in due course the Ling was known as Vridha Kaleshwar. It was believed that Vridha Kal built the temple with the Ling inside but claimed that Lord Mahadev had himself built the temple.  Accordingly, even now it is said that whenever we do some good deed, we should not go on bragging about it.  The good deed will be recognized in due course by the appropriate authority and due rewards will ensue. There was an original temple in a locality called Daranagar which became extinct and another temple was built in a different locality and was named Kaleshwar.  Subsequently, a temple was re-built at the original spot (Daranagar) and to distinguish between the two, the temple in original place is called Vridha Kaleshwar. According to Kashi Khand, a person performing pooja and archana at Vridha Kaleshwar is granted all his wishes, he remains absolutely happy and is free from all sorts of diseases and poverty.  Nearby is Kalodak Well, the water from which, will be a cure for all diseases. Vridha Kaleshwar also finds mention in Brahma Vaivart Puran and Ling Puran.


Vridha Kaleshwar temple is located at K-52/39, Vridha Kal area, in the premises of Mrityunjeshwar.  The temple is approachable from a famous locality called Bishweshwarganj, which is a great mandi (market place) and travelling to the temple in cycle rickshaw or auto-rickshaw is convenient. The temple is open for worship throughout the day.  People can perform pooja and abhishek as per their own convenience.