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Abodes of Shiva

59. Arulmigu Akilandeswari sameda Jambukeswarar Temple, Thiruaanaikkaa

Mulavar   Jambukeswarar, Appulingeshwarar, Vennaveleeshwar, Jambunathar
Ambal   Akilandeswari
Theertham   Cauvery River
Sthala Vruksham   Vennaval(Jambu)
Paadiyavar   Appar, Gyanasambandar, Sundarar
Travel Base   Trichy
Nearest Railway Station   Srirangam
Continent   North Cauvery
Circle   Trichy
District   Trichy
State   Tamil Nadu


This temple is between the Trichy and Srirangam. There are lot of local buses from Trichy. 


This Temple is being built in 18 acres of Land with lofty Gopuram. There are 5 praharam and an ornate Mandapam inside this temple. Ambal Akilandeswari has a separate praharam. The walls of this temple are 32 feet in height and 8000 feet in length. It is believed that Lord Shiva himself came as Sithar and paid the Holy Water as the wages for constructing this wall.


Thiru Annaika is located between Trichy and Srirangam. It is one of the Pancha Bootha Sthalam referring Water. The primordial element water, is represented by an undying natural spring in the sanctum. The saptastanams of this temple are Tiruchendurai, Tirupparaitturai, Tiruppainneeli, Tiruppaachilasramam, Tiruvedikkudi and Tiruvalaindurai. This temple was also called as Jambukeswaram.
Legend : Jambu Munivar himself was grown as Vennaval Tree while worshipping Lord Shiva and as Lord bestowed him under this tree, He was called as Jambukeswarar. Two of Shiva's Ganas were born on earth as an elephant and a spider, and in their devotional zeal hurt each other. The spider was born as Kochenkan Cholan. This is one of the 70 Maadakovils built by Kochenkan Cholan at an elevation out of elephant's reach.


 The Annual festival includes Panguni Bramhotsavam, Vasantha Utsavam, float festival in Thai, Aadi Pooram and Pancha Prahara Festival.