lord vishnu

Thirunangur Divya Desam

Once when Lordess Parvathi was born as Dakshayini (Daughter of Dakshin), Her father performed a yagna without inviting the Lordess Parvathi & Lord Shiva. When Dakshayini went to advise Her father about implications that will be happen for not inviting his Son-in-law. Dakshin was not bothered about those implications and also insulted Dakshayini. Dakshayini became furious, destroyed the yagna, cursed Dakshin and returned back to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was reluctant in accepting Her,  became furious and performed the Rudra Thandava. While performing the Rudra Thandava at Ubhayakaveri, whenever the tresses (Jada Mudi) of Lord Shiva touches the earth, one Shiva Linga comes from the earth and dances along with the Lord Shiva. So the Devas and rishi approached Lord Vishnu to do something to stop the further growth of Linga from the earth. On seeing the Lord Vishnu coming from the Paramapatha Vaasam, Lord Shiva stopped his Tandavam (Dance). By the time 11 Shiva Linga grew from the earth. Immediately Lord Vishnu took another 10 forms. On seeing the 11 forms of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva was very happy and requested Lord Vishnu to be converge as one form.  After this the 11 Shiva Linga was converged as one Shiva Linga by Lord Vishnu. So for all the 11 Vishnu temples there is only one Shiva temple at Thirunangur. That is how the 11 Divya Desams of Thirunangur came into existence. Apart from the 11 Vishnu temples, there is one temple for Thirumangai alwar called Thiruvaliyam Thirunagari.

 Thiru Kaavalampaadi Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram Thiru Vannpurushothamam
Thiru Semponsai Koil Thiru Manimaadakkoil Thiru Vaikunda Vinnagaram
Thiru Devanar Thogai Thiru thetriyambalam Thiru Manikoodam
Thiruvellakkulam Thiruparthanpalli Thiruvaliyam Thirunagari