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Tevaram Hymn Temples

The Tevaram is being sung by the famous trio Saivate saints Appar, Sambandar and Thirunavukarasar. In Tevaram they had sung few lines about each of these temples. The tevaram padal petra stalams are 276 in numbers. All these 276 temples are supposed to be in existence before 2 Century AD. These temples are now classified according to the Dynasty during which these temples were built or renovated. Out of these 276 temples, 191 temples are at Cauvery Basin North & South and 2 temples are in Sri Lanka and one temple in Nepal and rest are in other parts of India. The temples are

Chola Naadu (North Cauvery) 63 temples
Chola Naadu (South Cauvery) 128 temples
Eezha Naadu 2 temples
Pandiya Naadu 14 temples
Malai Naadu 1 temple
Tuluva Naadu 1 temple
Kongu Naadu 7 temples
Nadu Naadu 22 temples
Thondai Naadu 33 temples
Vada Naadu 5 temples