lord vishnu


Om Trivikramaaya Namaha

Color   Ruby
Shakthi (Lakshmi Roopa)   Iccha
Dress   Richly adorned with gold armlets,chain, earring etc


As Lord pervades the three vedas, three 'Kalas', 'Trigunas', 'Trilokas', three kinds of living beings and three kinds of substances, He is called 'Trivikrama'. Trivikrama Murthi the seventh among the Vyuhantara and first to emanate from Pradyumna. He will be holding Club and Disc on the upper left and right hands and Conch and Lotus on the lower left and right hands. He is the Governing power of the  letter 'Ne' of Gayathri Mantra, the letter 'Te' of Mahamantra, 'Netra Tattva'  one of the 24 Tattvas and Urdhvapundra marked on the right shoulder during the light half of the lunar month. He is the custodian of the Butter, lunar month of 'Jyeshta'  and 'Tularasi'. He dwells in the "Lambusinaadi" right ear and the sky. He is to be meditated on during cleansing with mud. He is invoked on the neck( right side) of the devotee. His flag bears the emblem of the Crocodile.