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 by Padmani,


Ganesh is the eldest son of Lord Shiva and Lordess Parvathi. Once when They were living in Kailash, all the Ganas first owe to Lord Shiva. Lordess Parvathi wanted to have a  gana who will owe first allegiance to her. So She gathered the saffron paste from her own body and created a boy. When she finished, she gazed in admiration at her own creation. She then gave him life and lovingly hugged him. She decked him with ornaments and blessed him. She gave him a staff and asked to guard the gate and not to allow anybody inside without her permission as She is going to have a bath. While Ganesh was guarding the gate, Lord Shiva entered. He stopped the Lord from entering the House as ordered by His Mother. Lord Shiva explained Him that He is the husband of Lordess Parvathi. Even then Ganesh refused to allow Lord Shiva inside.

Lord Shiva, in order to prove His supremacy, send His Ganas to tell about Him to Ganesh. They couldn't convince Ganesh. Lord Shiva asked His Ganas to wage war against Ganesh. They lost in the battle. Lord Shiva sent Indran, Lord Bramha and the demi-gods for the battle. On seeing this Lordess Parvathi created two Sakthi Kaali and Durga to help Her son on the war. As the little boy Ganesh could not be vanished, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva were astonished by immense potential of the little boy.

So Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva thought that Ganesh could be won only by cunningness. Lord Shiva asked Lord Vishnu to fight with Ganesh. While Ganesh was fighting with Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva came from backside and chopped off the little boy's head with His trident. Lordess Parvathi on knowing that Her son was killed became furious and created thousands of goddesses like Lambasheersha, Kubjaka, Khanja and Karali. She ordered them to go and destroy all those gods who were enemies of Her son. Unable to battle lot of Devas died. So Lord Bramha, Lord Vishnu, Indran and great sage Naradha approached Lordess Parvathi pleaded for mercy and pacified Her to calm down. She asked them to give Her son back and offer Him a honorable status among the Gods. They accepted for it and approached Lord Shiva to give rebirth to the little boy. Lord Shiva asked to go in the northern direction and bring the head of the first creature that they come across. When they went in the northern direction and came across an elephant, chopped off its head and kept in place of the little boy. The little boy came alive with elephant face. Lord Shiva placed him near Lordess Parvathi and declared that the little boy is the head of all the Ganas and hence to be called as "Ganapathi". Lord Bramha, Lord Vishnu and Indran declared that Ganapathi should be worshiped first before worshiping any god. Lordess Parvathi was pleased with the rebirth and status of Her son and withdrew all the goddesses sent for destruction of the Devas.