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Abodes of Lord Muruga


15.   Siruvapuri


Mulavar Valli Deivayanai sameda Balasubramaniyar





Siruvapuri currently called Chinnabedu is situated 35 kms from Madras on the Gummidi Poondi route alight at Agaram from where the temple is only one kilometre distance. Immediately after the toll gate near the Karanodai bridge, the road to Periyapalayam branches off to the left. Proceed further for another 5-6 kms and look for the �Way to Siruvarpuri temple� board which is on the 33rd km on the highway. The temple is about 4-5 kms from there on the left side.The place is 10 kms west to Ponneri.

Architecture & History

There is a Mayil (Peacock) sculpture made out of green granite stone outside the sanctum sanctorum in front of the flag mast. I have seen a few temples with green granite deities before, but I could not feel the significance since I could see them only from a distance but here you can see it very closely (and touch it even). It was shining in green and was a real beauty. Also the suryanar, Ganapathy and annamalayar lingams are all made out of green granite. Possibly there is no other temple where there are so many green granite deities. Lava-kucha, twin sons of Rama, while living at Valmiki�s Ashram here, tied the Ashwametha horse sent by Rama. Lakshman came to release it but failed. Then Rama himself came, won and took back the horse. The name of the place Siruvarpuri came from the phrase �Siruvar-Por-Puri�. The other names Siruvarampedu came from �Siruvar-Ambu-Edu� and Chinnampedu came from �Chinna-Ambu-Edu�. Siruvapuri is believed to be the Kusalapuri of Ramayana. The other legend is that a devotee named Murugammai lived in this place chanting �Muruga� always. On getting irritated, her husband cut her hand but she continued with the Muruga chanting. Then Lord Muruga appeared before her and set right her hand. Siruvapuri has been glorified by 4 Thiruppugazhs as well as Archanai Thiruppugazh.