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Abodes of Shiva (Kashi Temples)



Varanasi or Kashi is known as Avi Mukta Kshetra and a person who dies here attains Moksha and has no rebirth.  There has been  a lot of discussions and doubts raised in various places whether Avimukteshwar temple is the main temple or the Vishwanath Temple.  In ancient texts and granths Avimukteshwar temple has been given importance. It is stated in ancient texts that a person having the dharshan of Avimuktheshwar Ling is relieved of all his Paap Karmas of several generations and has no rebirth.  It is also believed that Bhagvan Vishwanath performs pooja of Avimukteshwar every day.   Avimuktheshwar ling finds mention in Ling Puran, Kashi Khand, as also in Brahma Vaivart Puran. According to historical evidences, there was a magnificent temple of Avimukteshwar Ling and in this premises Vishweshwar Ling was also present.  Devotees had dharshan of both lingas in the same premises.  But there was a bout of destructions during Mughal period and the Avimukthshwar Ling may not be in the same place as envisaged in Kashi Khand.


Presently Avimukteshwar Ling is situated in the same premises of Vishwanath Temple viz. Ck-35/19, Chowk, Varanasi. Regarding directions to reach this temple, devotees may kindly refer to Visweshwar temple. The temple is open for worship practically throughout the day and aarties (deep aradhana) are performed at various times. Since 1983, the management of the temple has been taken over by District Administration. The temple was in a congested premise and recently, a compound wall has been demolished to give more leg space and elbow room to the devotees.