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            The Supreme Trinity manifestation of Divinity are Lord Bramha, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva has been representing Himself in many forms for the destruction of evil forces. His concert is Lordess Parvathi. He has two sons Lord Ganesh and Lord Muruga. His another wife is Lordess Ganges who will be on His head. He is also called as 'Tri-nethra' and Neelakandar. His three eyes representing Knowledge, Divine and Wisdom. He lives in Mount Kailash. According to Shaiva Sidhdhaantha the God is formless. He is both static and dynamic, creator and destroyer, oldest and youngest. He is the source of fertility in all living things. But for the salvation of lives He took the form of Linga Murthi. This Murthi is called "Sadashiva Murthi". He represents Himself in both gentle form (Shantha Swaroobam) and fierce form (Agoramoorthy or  Uggramoorty).


 In almost all the saivate temples the main deity i.e., Moolavar will be of Sadashiva Murthi. He has taken various forms for the benefit of lives  which are called "Maheshwara Murthi". There are about twenty six famous Maheshwara Murthi. Usually only the Sadashiva Murthi will be in the Sanctum Sanctorum (Garbha Graham). The Maheshwara Murthi will be in the Praharam (Outside the Sanctum Sanctorum). The Linga is divided into two parts Peedam and Baanam(Lingam). The peedam is also called as 'Aavudaiyar' may be of square, circle or hexagon in shape. The baanam or Lingam will be of circular in shape.

Nandi, the bull is depicted facing the sanctum in all Saivate temples, symbolizing human soul (Jeevathma) yearning for realising its oneness with Paramathma, the ultimate reality.

Shrines of Lord Shiva

Tevaram Sung Shrines ,Tevaram was sung by the famous saivate trio saints Appar, Sambandar, Sundarar .In Tevaram the mention about these temples are there. Among the 275 Tevaram sung shrines 265 shrines are in Tamil Nadu, 2 shrines in Sri Lanka, 1 shrine in Nepal and rest in the other parts of India. It is notable that 191 shrines are in River Cauvery belt among the 265 shrines in Tamil Nadu.

Jyothilinga Shrines

About Pradhosham

The five Cosmic Dance Halls of Lord Shiva are Chidambaram for Gold, Madurai for Silver, Thirunelveli for Copper, Kutralam for pictures and Thiruvalangadu for Rubbies. It is notable that 3 of the 5 Cosmic Dance Halls are in Pandiya Dynasty, one in Chola Dynasty and one in Tondai Dynasty. All the Cosmic Dance Halls are also Tevaram hymn Shrines. The Cosmic Dance Halls are in Tamil called as Nadana Sabai.

Panchaarama Temples are five Shiva temples associated with Skanda Purana. They are Drakshaarama, Somarama, Ksheerarama, Amaraarama and Kumaraarama at Andhra Pradesh. APSRTC, Kakinada Depot runs circular tours covering all the 5 Pancharamas in a span of 24 hours. The journey starts at 8.00PM evey Sunday and ends at 8.00P.M next day covering 700 km approximaely. Currently charges are Rs.350/- and are inclusive of darhan charges at the respective places.

Nava Kailayam

The Pancha Boothas are Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Space. Lord Shiva has represented Himself in all forms. In Thiruvannamalai as Fire, in Thiru Annaika as Water, in Thiru Kalahastri as Wind, in Kanchipuram as Earth and in Chidambaram as Space.

Atta Veerata Shrines are the eight shrines where Lord Shiva imposing Himself as a Destructor of evils. They are Thirukandiyur near Thiruvaiyaaru, Thirukkadaiyur, Thirukkurukai and Vazhuvur near Mayavaram, Thiruvatikai and Thirupariyallur near Cuddalore, Thirukovalur near Thiruvannamalai, Thiruvirkudi near Peralam


Sapthastanam Shrines Thiruvaiyaaru, Thirupoonthuruthi, Thirukandiyur, Thiruvedhikkudi,Thiruchotruththurai, Thiruppazhanam,Thillaistanam.
Maada Koil built by Kochengotan Cholan

Chaurasi Mahadev

Historical & Celestrial Important temples not covered in tevaram.  Other Important & Famous Shrines
Pancha Bramha Stalam representing 5 Faces of Lord Shiva are located at the banks of River Aarani. They are Ramagiri(Isaanam, Surutapalli(Thathpurusham), Aarani(Vaamadhevam), Ariyathurai(Sathyojaatham) and Karungaali(Agoram)


Lord Parasurama has worshipped 108 Lingas from Gokarna to Kanyakumari